Operations and Development Associate

French-American Chamber of Commerce

New York

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 Operations and Development Associate

About the French-American Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1896, the French-American Chamber of Commerce, New York Chapter (FACC-NY) is a bi-national, independent, 501(C)6 non-profit association devoted to the development of economic, commercial and financial relations between the U.S. and France. With 1,000+ members in the New York area, the FACC achieves these objectives through a well-developed program of information sharing, corporate events, networking and J-1 Visa / professional development services.  


Part of its offer to inbound (France to U.S.) companies is FACC CoWork, a 400+ sq. ft. open space located within (but separated from) the Chambers own offices.


The FACC Foundation, a FACC subsidiary, offers scholarships to deserving French students pursuing graduate level business degrees in the U.S. and to Americans pursuing similar programs in France.

The FACC-NY is the largest of an 18 Chapter national network present in all major metropolitan U.S. cities and integrating 5,000+ members.  It is also a member of the International French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI FI), a Paris-based organization that supports the development of 114 French Chambers of Commerce located in 78 countries.


Qualities and experience

The position of Operations and Development Associate is a full-time, overtime exempt position based in Manhattan, New York requiring relationship-building, multi-tasking, sales/marketing, negotiation and considerable organizational skills.  This person will be an outgoing, energetic self-starter, quick learner and a team player, who is motivated, hardworking, proactive, professional and structured.  Familiarity with office operations, start-up communities, incubators and/or co-working spaces, as well as New Yorks French-American business community is welcome.


Candidates will hold a bachelors degree, have excellent written and oral communication skills in English and proficiency in French.  They will have 2-5 years of experience in sales/marketing/business development, project management and/or business operations.


The role - The Operations & Development Associates responsibilities relate to three activities:

Office Management and Administration

  • Register, greet and welcome visitors.

  • Sort and distribute incoming mail.

  • Resolve any problems related to phone, internet or email service by interfacing with providers.

  • Serve as primary contact for 1375 Broadway building management.

  • Manage office supplies inventories.

  • Assure a secure office environment by tracking keys, access badges and access rights.

  • Schedule regular staff meetings and events; adhere to associated budgets.

  • Rationalize credit card bills with receipts.

  • Manage Transit Check program.

  • Have outgoing checks dual-signed by authorized individuals before sending them out.

  • Respond to, or forward as appropriate, emails arriving at info@faccnyc.org.

  • Produce draft Minutes of all statutory meetings for management review.


  • Promote, sell and animate CoWork; organize business breakfast and networking sessions.

  • Adhere to CoWork income and expense budgets as determined by management.

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for tenants of FACC CoWork; trouble-shoot any issues.

  • Track tenancy terms, negotiate license agreements and assure timely receipt of fees.

  • Produce webinars on topics that are of interest to CoWorkers and CoWork prospects.

FACC Events

  • Track registrations and payments for all FACC-NY events; verify member/non-member statuses

  • Produce event name badges, Attendance Lists and other printed materials for events

  • Set up and manage on-site registration at all events

  • Manage inventory of events-related supplies


The Operations & Development Associate will be requested, on an as-needed basis, to assist in other projects related to all of the FACC-NY departments.


Reporting and internal relations
This position reports to the Managing Director, and collaborates closely with all other team members, particularly the Membership and Events departments.  


Salary is commensurate with experience.  Benefits include health, dental, group life and a 401-K plan.  


Employment is contingent upon acceptance of the terms of the FACC-NY Employee Handbook and Whistleblower policies.

* Must have work-authorization to apply *
* Visa sponsorship will not be provided *

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