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American work-authorized
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The purpose of the position is to:


Ensure the fulfillment of commitments to customers, and proactively manage day-to-day customer relations (with users and distributors) by mobilizing internal and external resources.

The Customer Service Representative handles all requests from prospects / customers.

Specifically, his/her tasks include (but are not limited to):


  • Initiating the commercial relationship with prospects (distributors and users) who contact the company:
    • Providing them with the initial information requested, taking into account the sales policy and framework provided by the relevant Area Manager
    • Passing on the information on prospects to the sales team
    • Recording information onto the IT system
    • Entering sample orders in the IT system and Logistic Providers


  • Managing the trusted client portfolio:
    • Collecting, entering in the IT system (with confirmation from the manager) and passing on to the various logistics providers all necessary information to update the customer file in real time
    • Recording the annual or one-off tariff conditions (permanent discounts, promotion planning, special prices, etc.) established in the sales agreement and sent by the sales department
    • Recording contracts, specific applications and specific sales forecasts in the tools provided
    • Provide to the customer all information requested (C.O.A, Spec Sheet, etc.)


  • Managing the Order-to-Cash process:
    • Handles the processing of sales orders (by email/phone) in the IT system:
      • Entering the order
      • Checking availability / references and customer confirmation
      • EDI transmission to the logistic provider if originating from US site or to the office in France if originating from France
      • Other related tasks
    • Coordinating the various information during the order lifecycle with the internal stakeholders (Supply Chain BF, Customer Service BF, RSA BF) and external stakeholders (logistics providers, freight forwarders, etc.)
    • Initiating the transport needs for orders leaving from France with approved freight forwarders. Monitoring timeframes and informing the customer of the expected ETD and ETA dates
    • Overseeing the issuance, certification, and sending of export documents where necessary
    • Overseeing the receipt of the B.O.L via EDI and automatic deduction from the stock in the US site during the billing process

      For orders originating from France, overseeing the receipt of B.O.L by email (or by EDI invoice), entering the information on the B.O.L in the IT system, and ensuring the automatic deduction from stock during the billing process

    • Overseeing the issuance and automatic sending of invoices to customers
    • Contacting customers with overdue date invoices and make the collection process


  • Dealing with complaints:
    • Recording customer complaints according to the established procedure
    • Sending information to the relevant areas and ensuring that the customer receives a timely response
    • Managing product returns according to the established procedure
    • Constantly monitoring orders to detect any irregularities and discrepancies; alerting your senior manager and the Area Manager/Sales Representative concerned, and in coordination with them, proposing and implementing preventive/corrective measures in view of continuous improvement.






The Customer Service Representative is the point of entry and exit of the customer relationship for all office contacts. The role is not limited to the back office, as it deals with all phases of the customer relationship.


Providing a real interface between clients (users and distributors) and the company, he/she relies on:

  • Line management to make the best use of all internal resources needed to fulfill his/her missions
  • Area Manager/Sales Representative concerned for coordinated and collaborative sales efficiency

The role of the Customer Service Representative is clearly to serve the customer before the Area Manager/Sales Representative.


This is a position that requires an understanding of how the company works, its sales policy and tools available, as well as very good communication skills combined with tactfulness and diplomacy. He/she is also required to be keen to listen to customers and achieve customer satisfaction, to enjoy teamwork while also showing great autonomy in his/her area, to be proactive and take initiative, to be organized and thorough when monitoring activities and managing priorities. He/she must also be adaptable to change in the organization and markets and to demonstrate curiosity.





The position will report into the Head of Operations.


Daily joint work with the Area Manager(s)/Sales Representative(s) does not involve any relationship of subordination. The Customer Service Representative and Area Manager/Sales Representative work side by side to manage the customer relationship and achieve customer satisfaction.

Any necessary decisions shall be made between the two-line managements involved.

The Customer Service Representative enjoys broad autonomy (within the established rules and procedures) and a sense of initiative will be appreciated.

Occasional attendance to trade shows may involve some travel, although this is very limited. The role is a sedentary position, based in the New Jersey office in Newark, NJ.





Pragmatic, thorough and a sense of organization

Effective priority management

Autonomy, sense of initiative and results driven


Openness, sound interpersonal skills and business sense

Good written and oral communication skills. Confident telephone manner


Ability to work as part of a team or network


IT proficiency with desktop tools

Proficiency with QuickBooks


Proficiency in French and Spanish is appreciated


Successful and consistent experience as a customer service representative, customer assistant or equivalent





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