Why CareerConnect?

CareerConnect offers cost-effective talent management solutions designed specifically for companies in the French-American business community. Find local bilingual work-authorized job seekers for a fraction of the cost of leading job boards, and recruit highly skilled international interns from top universities free of charge.

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Recruit international students & recent graduates

Recruit talented international young professionals from the leading business, science and engineering universities free of charge. The FACC-NY is a designated J-1 visa sponsor and provides opportunities for over 1,000 foreign visitors per year to experience American culture. Once you select a candidate, the FACC-NY will manage the J-1 visa process.

To host a J-1, you must have a minimum of 3 full time employees; provide a stipend of at least minimum wage; and become a member of 1 FACC Chapter.

Questions about the J-1 visa program?
Email us at careerconnect@faccnyc.org.

Hire local bilingual candidates

Looking for bilingual employees to strengthen your workforce? Use CareerConnect to identify work-authorized candidates in the tri-state area who understand both French and American business cultures. CareerConnect lets employers post jobs and search the CV database for a fraction of the cost of leading job boards.

Reach more candidates

CareerConnect allows you to reach more candidates than ever. Employers can post a job opening, search the CV database, and use our CV Match technology to target the perfect candidates. Our CV Match tool uses powerful algorithms to match your job opening with the right CVs from our database. The perfect profiles will be sent directly to your inbox!

Hear what companies have to say about CareerConnect

“CareerConnect is an excellent program from the FACC. MPB Agency has been using it for several years. We’ve had a great experience with high profile candidates. I really recommend this program to members of the FACC.” – Severine Piquet, Founder and President of MPB Agency, LLC

Hear what companies have to say about the J-1 program

“We (Sanofi) have come to rely quite heavily on the J1 Program as it allows us to infuse young talents who have a completely fresh and unbiased perspective into our US organization. Our J1 participants bring a wealth of ideas and initiatives to their host functions and they also facilitate the liaison between our French home office and US affiliates to act as a bridge across the cultural differences and communication challenges. Moreover, the J1 Program provides us with a great opportunity to develop and assess the participants - while providing them with a valuable international experience - to reintegrate the top performers into the company workforce outside of the US at the end of their assignment.” – Muriel Pandosy, Human Resources - Global Mobility, Sanofi US