Since 1999, Capricorn has been advising and supporting decision makers to maximize their marketing and sales growth through exclusive advertising opportunities and marketing consulting missions.


Capricorn is the only international marketing and communications agency focused on French communities and Francophiles in the US and 12 other major countries.


Capricorn's expertise is appreciated on other ethnic & travel destinations: Belgium, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia and USA (i.e. Americans living abroad and travelers from all around the world who travel to the US).


Among its representations Capricorn has major collaborations on several markets/languages/demographics :,, Radio France International, BFM TV, TV5 Monde Voyages, Le Petit Futé., and dedicated media such as,, France magazine, Bien Dire and many more.


Since 2014, Capricorn provides expertise and daily support on Marketing for medium and small size companies.


Capricorn maintains strong and nice client relationships over years, formats and success.

Our main goals are to be super pragmatic using most appropriate solutions mankind has to offer and to find solutions out of the box to produce RESULTS and helping our customers to acquire key strategic and business expertise and skills. Cyril Toullier


Company figures :

Ø  3 Full time employees + 3 Part time

Ø  A unique catalog of leading media from 12 countries: Americas, Europe, West and North Africa, India, China, Japan and Australia.

Ø  12 industries in mostly cultural, education, entertainment, finance, gourmet, hospitality and travel

Ø  Budgets from $2k up to $120k a year



Company's offers:

- A unique catalog of advertising products:

Ø Print display
Ø Online display
Ø Direct Marketing
Ø Events
Ø Production of content
Ø SEO/Advertorial
Ø Customized data bases
Ø Display production
Ø Social Media operational strategy
Ø Automation

- Services and training in Operational Marketing:

Ø Marketing strategy
Ø Identity
Ø Media Plan
Ø Branding
Ø Customer acquisition
Ø Retention
Ø Tracking


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Company information
29 Northcote Drive
Melville NY
Contact info
T: 917 534 0402